Water Softener LEGEND
Automatic Water 
Time proven, rugged brass control valve with fully adjustable cycles.
Super conservative - uses as little as 17 gallons of water per regeneration.
Time clock or meter initiated regeneration.
Fiberglass resin tank will not rust or corrode.
Large capacity brine tank with salt shelf and safety brine valve.
Fine Mesh 
Resin Softener
Unsurpassed Performance - Removes Ferrous Iron better than standard resin units.
Does the job of two units in one softener.
Provides luxurious soft water for better living.
Safety Brine Valve helps prevent overflow of salt container.
Intelligent design allows the use of inexpensive salt.
Automatic Water Softeners
Clock Timer Models
Regenerates automatically based on a 12 day, adjustable cycle.
Demand Meter Models
Measures amount of water used and only 
regenerates when needed.
  • Durable piston control valve with 3 year warranty.

  • Corrosion-free fiberglass resin tanks.

  • High capacity, U.S. made resin.

  • Brass by-pass valve.

  • Safety brine valve.

Triple Advantage Filter System

  • Reduces: Iron, Manganese & Sulfur.

  • Raises: pH of Acid Water.

  • Improves: Taste, Odor and Staining.

  • Requires No Regenerant: No Salt, Potassium, or Chlorine.



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